Darkover® Grand Council Meeting

November 29 - December 1, 2013


* We need volunteers badly! Especially in the Con Suite and Security. Sign up today!
* Volunteer early and often. We need you! (No, really. We do.)

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Help Us Run Smoothly


Help out! Meet people! Get stuff!

Every hour you spend as a volunteer working in any department earns you a slip worth $1 off of your registration for Chessiecon 2014. Collect them, bundle them with your friends' -- this too can be yours!

These can be redeemed only on Sunday of this year's Con in bundles of $5 toward individual pre-registration for next year's con. Get the lowest rate for the first ChessieCon, and help out to boot.

If you have any questions or want to volunteer, please email jo at chessiecon dot org

Guest of Honour

    Rosemary Edghill

  • Edghill
  • Artist
    Guest of Honour

    Vonnie Winslow Crist

  • Vonnie Winslow Crist
  • Musical
    Guests of Honour

    Clam Chowder

  • Clam Chowder
  • Steampunk
    Guests of Honour

    The Steampunk Family

  • Steampunk Family
  • and
    Special Guest

    Katherine Kurtz

  • Katherine Kurtz