Darkover® Grand Council Meeting

November 23-25, 2012


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Chesapeake Room 3-6

Alternate programming takes place all three days of the convention. It consists of panels and lectures by our guests in a more intimate environment than main programming.


5:00 PM - Creating a world — where do you start?
D.H. Aire, Esther Friesner, Diana Bastine, Alanna Morland. Debra Killeen, Moderator

6:00 PM - Out of Control Characters. What to do when your characters start acting like real people, and won't do what you want them to do.
Meriah Crawford, Elektra Hammond, Alanna Morland, Warren Rochelle. Jan Whiteley, Moderator

7:00 PM - Alternate History. What would have happened if famous people from history had been of a different gender. For example, Queen Elizabeth I had been male, or Werner von Braun had been female, etc. What would have happened?
Meriah L. Crawford, Heather Rose Jones, Mike McPhail, Warren Rochelle. Carl Cipra, Moderator


10:00 AM - Designing Names. How to construct, research, recreate or otherwise find names for your characters and locations.
Heather Rose Jones

11:00 AM - Technology of the Future or of Alien Cultures. When writing Science Fiction set in the future, the technology has to be vastly different from what is available today. How do you create believable technology for the future or for aliens?
C.S. Friedman, Mike McPhail, Melissa Scott. Meriah L. Crawford, Moderator

12:00 NOON - Getting Into The Zone. Ideas are usually plentiful — it is the sitting down and actually writing which is the hard part. Here are some of the techniques to get yourself to actually write.
Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Margaret Carter, Rahul Kanakia, Tim Liebe. D. H. Aire, Moderator

2:00 PM - Is the Medium the Message? Art is created using a variety of different materials. Does the type of material used limit or delineate the message?
Tristan Alexander, Halla, Samantha Press, Hannah Shapero, Vonnie Winslow Crist. Day Al-Mohamed, Moderator

3:00 PM - Making It Real. Whether it's urban fantasy or historical romance or a Steampunk adventure, some degree of historical, cultural and/or scientific accuracy gives you the sense that "it just might happen." The challenge for the author is how much is enough and how far can you stretch the truth.
D.H. Aire, Meriah L. Crawford, Heather Rose Jones, Warren Rochelle. Don Sakers, Moderator

4:00 PM - Darkover® discussion — Fan Fiction. What is the appeal of Darkover® fan fiction? What characters and scenarios are the most popular? What sorts of Darkovan lifestyles are popular, and what is ignored?
Jennifer Heise, discussion leader.

5:00 PM - The SF or Fantasy movie I'd like to see made. Lord of the Rings and the Star Wars movies have shown us that we now have the technical ability to make most Fantasy and Science Fiction books into a movie. Our authors discuss what they would like to see made, and why.
Elektra Hammond, Tim Liebe, Don Sakers. Debra Killeen, Moderator

6:00 PM - What Comes After Zombies? First it was werewolves, then vampires, and now zombies, as the cool monster to be. What is the next up and coming monster?
Meriah L. Crawford, Scott MacMillan, Mike McPhail. Elektra Hammond, Moderator

7:00 PM - Alien Romance. What will happen to love and marriage, when there are intelligent non-humans around? Will politicians try to pass Defense of Human Marriage Laws? What form will romance take?
Margaret Carter, Rahul Kanakia, Heather Rose Jones, Sarah Pinsker. Carl Cipra, Moderator


9:00 AM - Michaeline Christian Mass.
Katherine Kurtz

10:00 AM (In Workshops Room) - Why Art? Why do you make art, buy art, look at art?
Tristan Alexander, Halla, Samantha Press, Vonnie Winslow Crist. Jan Whiteley, Moderator

11:00 AM - Why a Non-Human? What are the advantages and problems of writing from the point of view of a non-human being — an alien, vampire, demon, werewolf, elf, God/Goddess, etc.
Margaret L. Carter, C.S. Friedman, Rahul Kanakia, Scott MacMillan. Day Al-Mohamed, Moderator

12:00 NOON - Reinventing Religion. How do you have a believable religion that doesn't step, too hard, on the toes of actual ones.
C.S. Friedman, Esther Friesner, Katherine Kurtz, Alanna Morland, Tamora Pierce. Heather Rose Jones, Moderator

1:00 PM - Small Print Press.
D.H. Aire, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Elektra Hammond, Debra Killeen. Don Sakers, Moderator

3:00 PM - Tamora Pierce talks to her fans. Open to all, not just convention attendees.

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