Darkover® Grand Council Meeting

November 23-25, 2012


* We are happy to announce our Guest of Honor: Nalo Hopkinson!

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Greenspring Ballroom 3-5

Main Programming starts Friday afternoon at 1PM and continues until Sunday afternoon. Except for setup for the concert, there will be activities open to convention attendees in main programming until at least 11PM on Friday, 10AM to 11PM on Saturday and 10AM to 3PM on Sunday.

Main Programming
Greenspring Ballroom 3-5


1:00 PM - Gaylactic Spectrum Awards: Past, Present & Future.
Carl Cipra

2:00 PM - And They Lived Happily Ever After...Or Did They? Do actions have long term consequences in fiction?
Nalo Hopkinson, Katherine Kurtz, Tamora Pierce, Melissa Scott. Don Sakers, Moderator

3:00 PM - Placing Your Story in the Here and Now. Traditionally, fantasy took place in another world, usually with a medieval set-up. Increasingly fantasy takes place in contemporary, or near contemporary times. Is such fantasy more or less believable, and harder or easier to write?
Meriah Crawford, Tim Liebe, Scott MacMillan, Sarah Pinsker, Don Sakers. Carl Cipra, Moderator

4:00 PM - What They Ate, What They Wore. We associate the European Middle Ages with "High fantasy," so we (sort of) know what armor is, what gruel is and the difference between a tunic and a kirtle. What is it about this period that resonates so strongly with readers?
C.S. Friedman, Heather Rose Jones, Katherine Kurtz, Melissa Scott. D. H. Aire, Moderator

5:00 PM - Do Minorities Get A Pass? In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon was given a hard time for killing off one half of a lesbian couple, since there are so few good lesbian couple role models in mass entertainment. Should minorities of any type that are good role models, be a "protected" entity?
C.S. Friedman, Nalo Hopkinson, Heather Rose Jones, Tim Liebe, Don Sakers. Carl Cipra, Moderator

6:00 PM - Is It OK to Laugh? Even the darkest story needs some humor, if only to give the reader a break. The trick is knowing how and when to provide comic relief.
Esther Friesner, Tamora Pierce, Vonnie Winslow Crist. Day Al-Mohamed, Moderator

7:00 PM - Sign of the Times. This past year has seen a lot of harsh novels written in seemingly-hopeless post-apocalyptic worlds. Is this a trend, a cycle or a reflection of difficult and depressing times?
Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Debra Killeen. Diana Bastine, Moderator

Samantha Haney Press

9:00 PM - Jonah Knight. Supernatural Steampunk.

10:00 PM - Cliff, John, and Friends. Instrumental Jam.

11:00 PM - Bardic Circle. Start time approximate — after the Instrumental Jam. Continues through the wee hours.


10:00 AM - The Art of Science and War. What you need to know before you start reading (or writing) a "hard science" or para-military novel.
D.H. Aire, Scott MacMillan, Mike McPhail, Don Sakers. Jennifer Heise, Moderator

11:00AM - World Travel, World Cultures. What makes a real-world setting real? How can you use your travels to add special touches to your writing or art? How can you bring your own story into your work?
Esther Friesner, Katherine Kurtz, Alanna Morland, Don Sakers. Carl Cipra, Moderator

12:00 NOON - "What's with the YA-bashing in adult media of late?" New York Times, Wall Street Journal, comments on NPR's Best YA summer poll, etc.
Diana Bastine, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Esther Friesner, Debra Killeen, Tamora Pierce. Devra Langsham, Moderator

Nalo Hopkinson

2:00 PM - Has the Market Changed? It used to be books — hardback and paperback, but books. Now it is books, epubs, audio books, videos, etc. Has the development of new media helped or hurt authors? What are the benefits, challenges & drawbacks?
C.S. Friedman, Esther Friesner, Melissa Scott. Carl Cipra, Moderator

3:00 PM - Non-medieval European fantasy. All fantasy doesn't have to based on the European middle ages. Our authors talk about other sources, and other writers who have done so.
Katherine Kurtz, Rahul Kanakia, Tamora Pierce, Sarah Pinsker. Diana Bastine, Moderator

4:00 PM - Autograph Session - All Guests.

5:00 PM - Regency Ball. (2 hours)

7PM-9PM - Set up for Clam Chowder concert.


11:00 PM - Continued

Midnight - HALLELUJAH CHORUS - ATRIUM. Followed after a short break by Christmas Carols.
A Bardic Circle will take place in Main Programming.


10:00 AM - The Romance of Steampunk. What is it about this genre and time period that is so appealing? Is it the machinery? The celebration of intellect? Or is it the clothes?
Diana Bastine, Elektra Hammond, Kevin M. Houghton, Tim Liebe, Melissa Scott. Carl Cipra, Moderator

11:00 AM - Is There Anything Left? Is there magic after Harry Potter? Vampires after Twilight? Fantasy after Lord of the Rings? Should you give up dreams of seeing something new or writing something original?
Diana Bastine, Esther Friesner, Debra Killeen, Katherine Kurtz, Tamora Pierce. Don Sakers, Moderator

12:00 NOON - LGBT: Have the Lines Blurred? Is it still a separate genre or has it become more mainstream? Are characters' gender choices still important?
Rahul Kanakia, Nalo Hopkinson, Sarah Pinsker, Warren Rochelle, Melissa Scott. Carl Cipra, Moderator


2:00 PM - Questions and Answers - All authors. Come and ask questions of your favorite authors who are here this year.
Jennifer Heise, Moderator

3:00 PM - Talk to the Chair Alton about this and future DarkoverCons - Yes, there will be one next year!

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    Nalo Hopkinson

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