Darkover® Grand Council Meeting

November 23-25, 2012


* Please read the rules for how to submit artwork!

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Chesapeake Room 1-2

There will be an art auction, on Sunday at 1PM. There is no hanging fee for art at the con, and we take a 15% commission on all sold pieces. For more information about the art show or art auction, contact our art show director c/o the DarkoverCon PO Box, or email us at jaelle at DarkoverCon dot org, or check here for the art show rules including mail-in rules.

DarkoverCon Artists

DarkoverCon features many talented artists. Some of our regulars include:

Tristan Alexander

Halla (Helen Fleischer)

Nancy Janda

Pyracantha (Hannah Shapero)

Art Show Rules 2012

Artists (or their agents) MUST be members of the convention. Note: This rule is waived for Mail-In artists, who must pay a Handling fee for their art and supply return postage.

General Art Show Rules

  • All Art must have as its subject matter science fiction, fantasy, horror or related genre.
  • All Art must be the original work of the Artist. No kits, commercial molds or patterns.
  • Art may only be entered by the Artist or their authorized agent (see below).
  • All Art (Non 3-D) must be matted or framed to be hung.
  • All Art must be identified on the reverse with the Artist's name and the Title.
  • Artist may enter one (1) of any limited edition, signed and numbered print. Prints MUST be signed on the body of the print.
  • Art sold in the dealers room by the Artist may not be sold in the Art Show.
  • Decisions of the Art Show Director are final.

Agent Rules

  • Artist Agents MUST have a current signed, dated Letter of Agent to enter and withdraw the Artist's work.
  • Checks will be made payable to the Artist.

Auction/Sales Rules

  • There will be NO re-sale of Art. Not-For-Sale Art is welcome, but is subject to space availability.
  • Art with two (2) or more written bids by closing Sunday Noon will go to the Sunday Auction.
  • Artists may display a "Quick Sale" price on their art, if the "Quick Sale" price is met on the first bid, the art is Sold.
  • Art that has one or more minimum bids can no longer be sold at "Quick Sale"
  • Art with NO bids will be returned to the Artist.
  • The Auction will be voice bid.
  • DarkoverCon takes a 15% commission on all art show sales.
  • DarkoverCon does not have a print shop.

DarkoverCon Mail-In Art Show Rules

Panel space for mail in art is limited and is available on a first-come first-served basis.

All Mail-In Art must meet all General Art Show rules in addition to:

  • Mail-In art is limited to twenty (20) pieces using no more than (2) panels. Panels are 4' x 4'.
  • All shipping, handling and insurance costs are the artist's responsibility. A return address label, check for return shipping, and any insurance must accompany the artwork.
  • Please include a $10 handling fee for Mail In art, payable to "Armida Council".
  • Return address labels MUST include a street address, not just a PO Box.
  • Method of return shipment, if not specified, will be at the discretion of the Art Show Staff. We will do our best to accommodate preferred shippers.
  • So that we have your art in time for the show, mail-in art must be received by Saturday, November 16th, 2012.
  • Checks for the sold art will be mailed separately within 2-4 weeks after the convention.
  • Unsold art will be shipped back within 2 weeks after the convention. The artist's packaging will be used to return unsold art. If all art is sold, the packaging will be thrown away unless otherwise instructed, in writing, by the artist.
  • Display of all art is subject to the discretion of the Art Show Director.
  • Contact the art show director at rissicat (at) gmail (dot) com for the mailing address.

Art Show Forms for Downloading
(MS Word .doc files)

Art Show bid sheet (six sheets to a page)

Art Show control sheet 2012

Guest of Honour

    Nalo Hopkinson

  • Nalo Hopkinson
  • Artist
    Guest of Honour

    Samantha Haney Press

  • Samantha Haney Press
  • Musical
    Guests of Honour

    Clam Chowder

  • Clam Chowder
  • and
    Special Guest

    Katherine Kurtz

  • Katherine Kurtz