Darkover® Grand Council Meeting

November 25-27, 2011


* The dealers room is now full! For a selection of our dealers, please see the list below!

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In The Atrium

It will open for business Friday 4PM to 8:30PM, Saturday 10AM to 6PM and Sunday 10AM to 4PM. Dealers may start setting up Friday at 11AM.

The dealers room is now full.

DarkoverCon Dealers

DarkoverCon is known for its dealers room - full of fascinating and interesting things for sale. Below is a list of some of our dealers and a link to their website (when they have one).

Anapurna Fantasy Jewelry and Accessories
We create unique, handmade fantasy and literature themed jewelry and accessories. Each of our items is a one of a kind piece of wearable artwork.

Auntie Arwen's Spices
A huge selection of hand-crafted herb/hot/ethnic/salt free/salt/pepper etc. seasoning blends, fudge, teas/tisanes and coffees, herbal remedies, and books by Jane Sibley.

J-F Bibeau
is an author, costumer designer and actor of French Canadian origin. His first fantasy novel, Felsic Current, enjoys a blossoming fan base. His stories are every bit as clever and explosively creative as he is.

BriteCloth Tie Dye
BriteCloth Tie Dye creates uniquely dyed clothing items and accessories for people of all ages and sizes.

Tchipakkan & Willow and Kat Taylor. Silver jewelry, long stripey stockings, hand painted silks, ceramic figurines, votifs and cookie stamps, Tchipakkan's cookbooks, art-to-order and glass knitting needles.

Dark Quest Books/Sidhe na Daire
Sellers of award-winning speculative fiction--including the Defending the Future anthology series and the Bad-Ass Faeries anthology series--and one-of-a-kind costume horns.

Debra Killeen/Diana Bastine, Authors
We will have copies of our published novels for sale, which we'll be glad to sign/personalize, along with some free give-aways - bookmarks, pens and stickers. Magic 8-ball keychains will be free with book purchase. Stop by while in the hucksters room to check out some award-winning fantasy fiction as well as hand-knitted altar cloths and small pet blankets, and some gently-used books and other merchandise.

Fabric Dragon
I sell beads (pearls, garnets, amethyst, etc.) suitable for embroidery or jewelry making and finished jewelry for people who want it ready made. We also sell knitting and spinning supplies, plus whatever else caught my attention.

Flying Coyote
Flying Coyote sells books that focus on predators of the four-legged kind. We also sell small carved objects d'arte, mostly ojimes and netsukes in wood and small animals in stone.

Jaelle's Jewels
Original necklaces, bracelets and earrings, handmade in Finland, designed and strung by Jaelle, made primarily from glass beads, but we also use amber, fresh water pearls, assorted metal beads, cloisonne and semi-precious stones. Off the rack and custom jewelry available.

La Wren's Nest
Items we offer: circlets, capes, leather pouches, tapestries, totes, swords and daggers.

Leona Wisoker
Offering the works of great authors from Mercury Retrograde Press, including Leona Wisoker, Zachary Steele, Barbara Friend Ish, and Larissa Niec.

Night Shade Industries, LLC
From essential goggles and flasks, custom leather corsets and belts, and gadgets galore. We offer a distinctive array of handcrafted accessories to add a fashionable flair to your Steampunk ensemble. Who knows, you might find that stylish item to woo a lovely lady or gent, or to defeat the diabolical arch-villain.

Old Earth Books
Old Earth Books is an award winning publisher of Howard Waldrop, Christopher Priest, and other notable authors. At conventions I also sell an odd and interesting new & used books, along with material from the UK and Australia.

Poison Pen Press
I carry the finest historical cookbooks and costumebooks in The Known World, plus a selection of excellent fantasy and murder mysteries. In business since 1977.

Red Falcon
Red Falcon crafts leather and stainless armour, leather clothing and accessories including belts, pouches, tankards, masks, bracers and cuffs, goggles, gloves, and hats. Something for all your Ren, LARP, Steam, SCA, and Fantasy needs and wishes.

Renaissance Fashions & Got-Steam?
Corsets, ray guns, props and other wonders! Although there are 2 URLS we're the same company. We do a lot of Ren faires but we're starting to focus more on steampunk these days so we created a more steampunk centered site.

Royal Pewter

Larry Smith Books
New books: SF, fantasy, some mystery, some art. Large and small presses as they tell us what is available.

One of the leading retailers of Steampunk accessories.

Tales from the White Hart
Tales from the White Hart, run by Kathy & Leo Sands carries a full line of filk music as well as filk songbooks & some filk cassettes. We also have some folk, New Age & alternate religious music from Native American to Celtic, mostly by musical fen who perform at SF, Fantasy & Filk Conventions. Ask about the $5 Show Special on general folk, New Age/pagan & world music cassettes. You'll also find authentic ethnic clothing hanging in our space, especially Indian sub-continent & Japanese.

Steampunk accessories, clothing, and custom embroidery for the whole family. We have everything from lace tiny top hats to elegant facinators to baby onesies and everything in between!

Undiscovered Treasures
Undiscovered Treasures specializes in jewelry and curiosities for your taste and your budget: silver, hand-strung semiprecious and pearl sets, amber earrings and pendants, enamels on silver, and "costume" pieces, including some suitable for Victorian and Steampunk costuming.

Walt's Cards

White Wolf and the Phoenix
We make hand-woven trim, belts, stoles, and other narrow wares. We also offer handwoven cloth, string and yarn in natural fibers, and weaving tools and equipment. Custom requests are welcome.

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